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About Us

Maree Wells

store owner

Welcome. Let me Introduce My Self.  My story is this …  Nothing to something within 2 years.    Due to a major earthquake in 2011.  I lost my business my home, my life went into a complete melt down for a few years.   I signed up with GDI as the domain provider in 2011.. I transferred my store to Triple Clicks in 2013. Joining Traffic Wave in 2013...

I set about supporting other cottage industries with buying and selling online. 

Having them all listed at the one location My Maree Designs Store.  Surf N Shopping.

Daily Social Share Buttons! Facebook! Twitter! +1Google! Facebook Groups!!!. Supplying a comprehensive working planner!

Generating numerous different income resources! All with the click of One Button!!!

Maree Designs Sources Stock from her Local Markets And Online Discounted Stores. Offering unique items at reduced prices.

All Maree Designs Garments are individually made with that unique finish.


Maree Designs .

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65 Bailey Street Templeton Christchurch New Zealand.

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